Welcome at Abdellah’s site

Welcome at Abdellah’s site. He has been a taxi driver in Agadir for more than 15 years. From your arrival at the airport Al Massira (Agadir), Abdellah is waiting for you to bring you to the city center, to your hotel, your home or any location in Morocco.

You want to make a trip in the region of Agadir? Abdellah offers attractive rates for trips to cities or sights, all at your own pace, in peace and confidence. Call Abdellah on +212 666 10 13 03.

Agadir Taxi officiel

Fixed rates

Agadir Airport transfer to city center 20 euro
Visit to the city of Agadir (2h): 20 euro
Visit to the Medina of Agadir (2h): 20 euro
Excursion to Taroudannt (6h): 70 euro
Excursion to Imouzzer (4h): 70 euro
Excursion to Tafraoute (1 day): 140 euro
Excursion to Essaouira (1 day): 140 euro
Excursion to Mirleft (1 day): 120 euro
Excursion to Marrakech (1 day): 140 euro
Excursion to Marrakech (2 days): 250 euro
Excursion to Ouarzazate (2 days): 250 euro


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